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Each glass has a sticker on the bottom which is rather difficult to remove. The shape is better suited for white wine than red.


These massive glasses are certain to make a statement at your next dinner party; they’re over-sized and elegant. If you’re a white wine drinker and you love hosting parties, these are the stemless wine glasses for you. No, really, we think they’re absolutely stunning on the table as they hold 21 ounces of wine. (You should never fill it that full, of course. It always looks more elegant with less wine in the glass.) There’s also a 15 ounce glass available in the same shape.

Though Luminarc glasses have been around since 1948, the parent company of Verrerie des Sept Ecluses was founded in France in 1825. They’re committed to tradition and quality and definitely worth the slightly higher than average price you’ll pay per glass.

Red or white? You could serve red wine in these wine glasses, but they have a taller flute that’s better suited to white wine.

What are they made of? Glass. It’s not shatter-proof or anything like that, but they’re still quite sturdy.

How big are they? The 21-ounce-capacity glasses are a hefty 9 ounces each. The 15 ounce glasses weigh a little more than 7 ounces.

Dishwasher-safe? Yes, though we want to put a top-rack caveat in here.

Any options? There are three different sets of 21-ounce glasses – 4 piece, 6 piece, and 8 pieces. But, there are also smaller 15 ounce glasses in the same range (available as a 4-pack).

How much for a set? A little less than $20 for a set of six glasses with a capacity of 21 ounces. A set of 4 of the 15 ounces is closer to $15 (which works out to a higher price per glass).

And that’s how many glasses? 6

So, the cost per glass is? Around $3.33, but that does depend totally on the amount of glasses you buy as a set – and their capacity.

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