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Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Skin Protectant
  • Protect cracked, sensitive, dry, and damaged skin with this water-resistant lotion
  • Highly effective at moisturizing, nourishing, and smoothing your skin
  • Dermatologist-recommended; can be used for the whole body
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Protects from cracks and dryness, restores healthy skin, 41% petroleum jelly, highly effective, can be used as chapstick on your lips, good for your feet and heels, and smooths out your skin.

Petroleum-derived product, and the scent is less than pleasant.


Ingredients: This product is made with 41% petroleum jelly, making it a highly effective barrier to keep moisture trapped inside your skin and reduce friction, burns, and rashes. It also contains panthenol (Vitamin B5) and glycerin to fight skin diseases. 

Scent: The product has the typical petroleum-derived smell. Think KY jelly or Vaseline, but with a hint of creaminess added. Not the best smell!

Effects/Use: If you want to protect dry, cracked, chapped, or damaged skin, you won't find better than this. It's dermatologist-recommended for dry hands, dry cuticles, cracked heels and feet, irritated skin, chapped lips, minor cuts and burns, friction, and rashes. It's even suitable to treat infant diaper rash. Applying this lotion covers your skin with a protective layer that traps moisture in and keeps irritants out.

Price: At $10 per 7-ounce tube, this is slightly on the pricier side, but definitely worth the cost if you want to protect your skin from friction, dryness, damage, and irritation.


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