Need plants - and a way to keep them alive without a whole lot of effort? The Aqua Farm combines two traditional items into one: a fish tank and a garden.

  • Fish poo feeds plants
  • Plants clean water
  • Just remember to feed the fish!

You can grow basil, mint, parsley, spinach, baby greens or other great foods right on top of a fish tank. Using the science of aquaponics the Aqua Farm transforms your fish's waste into nutrients for the plants, then, the plants clean the fish's water. Everybody is happy! No soil or fertilizer is needed.

What Reviewers Say:

  • This seems to be becoming a love it or hate it item, though I'm not sure why. Yes, it has/had some flaws, but it's still a unique and worthwhile item.
  • I have always liked the idea of having a small ecosystem in my own home. Before I decide to venture on something bigger, I have decided to try this one out. The quality is more than satisfying and its small size makes it easy to put anywhere you want. My plan was to keep it in my kitchen so I can grow fresh spices. I really liked the idea of being able to put in a fish or two in it. Just so the aquarium part of this mini ecosystem doesn't feel left out I found LUFFY ball The overall green that was dominating from top and bottom really improved the notion of the ecosystem idea. This is really a great product if you like having nature in your home.
  • I bought this for my bf for his love of aquaponics, he loves it! It is a great size and not too much maintenance for the yield.

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