Apple iTunes $50 Gift Card

Best Christmas Gift for the Teenage Boy that Loves his Music

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Why people love it
  • Great gift (even if you don’t love giving cards)
  • Great price
  • Always a hit

Let’s face it, there’s always something new out there and this makes it easy to get, whenever. It’s the gift of flexibility.

What downside? Okay, sometimes you want to give more than a gift card. Ah well.


Details: It’s tough to beat a gift card for teen boys, isn’t it? Sure you want to give more, but it’s almost impossible to know what movies, music, apps, and games he already has. It’s not like you can peruse a stack of CDs any longer, is it? (And thank goodness for that!)

If he’s off to college soon, you may want to consider the latest iPod Nano for easily taking music to the library or walking around campus. And, he’d probably love the flexibility of that Echo Dot, especially if he’s not an Apple guy.

Price: The best thing about a gift card! You can make it whatever you want it to be. Perfect for any budget.

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