Best Gift for a Long-Distance Girlfriend

Apple iPhone 7 Plus
  • Captures crisp, clear images
  • Super fast, especially when compared to older iPhone models
  • Excellent for viewing videos

Currently the newest - and best - iPhone on the market. Storage options up to 256 GB are available, so your girlfriend has plenty of room for cute photos and videos of you.

It’s expensive. We’re not going to sugarcoat it.


Details: Gone are the days of snail mail and sky-high phone bills. These days, you can connect with your long-distance girlfriend instantly via text or video chat. With features like a 12-megapixel camera and 4K video, you can view the beauty of your loved one’s face in clear, vivid color from anywhere in the world.

Planning to meet halfway for a weekend getaway? Your gf can use the GPS on her iPhone 7 Plus to find the hotel where the two of you are staying. Once she arrives, she can take hundreds - or even thousands - of photos thanks to the large memory of this high-quality smartphone.

Price: Prices typically range from $860 to $1070 for the iPhone 7 Plus depending on how much storage space you get. If you’re hesitant to blow that much money at once, consider applying for an credit card. Qualifying customers get 12 months with 0% interest to pay off the balance.


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