Apple iPad Air 2 MH1J2LL/A 9.7-Inch, 128GB

Best Multi-Purpose Graduation Gift

Why people love it

  • Light, slim, and sleek design 
  • Fantastic screen resolution 
  • Multi-purpose tablet for work or home 


Some customers accidentally purchased one of the pre-owned tablets from Amazon, so be careful to check the seller before buying.


Happiness Factor: Millennials and Gen-Zers sure do love their technology. Anything that makes their lives less complex and more convenient is a huge win, and this beautifully-designed and fast tablet is sure to do that. 

Practical Applications: This tablet is easy to use and has so many real world applications—like watching movies, taking photos, doing work, etc.—that it’s sure to get used on a regular basis. 

Price: Well, for an Apple device, it’s not bad… But it’s still not cheap either.

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