Antimicrobial Showaflops Shower Flip Flops

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  • Generally fit true to size 
  • Innovative cutouts help prevent slips 
  • Quick drying time



Some reviewers complain that the cutouts, which release water and make it easier to walk across wet surfaces, hurt their feet.


Why Your Grad’s Gonna Love It: Your favorite germophobe isn’t just paranoid when it comes to the hazards of dorm life. Bathrooms, especially the shared ones on campus, are gross. Students are exposed to germs that cause all sorts of lovely issues, including athlete’s foot and intestinal distress. We won’t even talk about the bacteria that’s potentially lurking in - and around - the college’s pool. 

That’s why your grad needs these antimicrobial flip flops from Showaflops. He or she can stride across a damp floor without worrying about pathogens affixing themselves to their feet, and they’re comfortable enough to keep on during a shower or a dip in the hot tub. The fashionable design will let your grad embrace - rather than sacrifice - their unique sense of style. 

Looking for guys’ antimicrobial flip flops? Showaflops offers those as well. 

Price: One reviewer summed up our thoughts perfectly when she explained that while there are tons of cheap flip flops available for around $2, it’s totally worth it to shell out an extra $20 or so for this long-lasting, antimicrobial footwear. 




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