The botanical and herbal extracts in the deodorant make it highly effective as a smell-killer, and it's 100% free of aluminum.

  • Goes on easily
  • Doesn't stain like white sticks
  • Light scent; no overpowering smell

This deodorant has an elegant scent, with very masculine herb and citrus notes.  It may be a bit pricey, but it's worth it to feel like a real, beautiful-smelling man!

What Reviewers Say:

  • Smells nice and works at least as well as the old spice high endurance I was using. The upside is that it won't stain like white sticks. The downside is that it's 4 times as expensive as old spice. The total cost may even out a little considering shirts ruined by white deodorant stains.
  • I love the light scent. Its not for guys who need something to keep them dry, as this is not a powder based deodorant. It is also not for you if you have really bad body odor or do lots of sports, or don't shower everyday. Just saying. Some of us are bad, some not so bad. I would classify this as a "light deodorant". It's pricey, but one stick lasts me for 10 to 11 months with daily application.
  • The Anthony goes on easy enough and has no real after smell. Keeps me dry and smelling good all day in the Las Vegas heat. Best of all does not stain my clothes. Will continue to buy this deodorant just disppointed that Nordstroms is no longer carrying the Anthony brand.

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