Why people love it
  • Very lightweight
  • Noticeable changes in 2 weeks
  • Also reduces scars and dark spots

Price is quite steep.


A serum is the fastest way to add elasticity to your skin. Think of it as an oil - but the kind you like. Your skin rapidly absorbs serums. That means you can expect to see results fast. That’s important if you want to make an impression - or you waited too long to begin your anti-aging routine. If you’ve never used this type of treatment before, you should consider this one now despite the price tag.

Anthony understands men. And their entire business seems to be built around making men look and feel their best. (Hey, that sounds familiar.) The point is that when they add a product to their line, it does what it’s supposed to. This serum is no exception. It has buffered AHA, peptides, and seaweed extract. All that means is that this is one of those fast-acting, super serums that will transform your skin visibly after a short period of use.

The peptides in this puppy latch on to the cells under your skin and attract water to them. At the same time, the Glycolic Acid exfoliates skin. You’re effectively working from two different angles.

Who’s It For? Anthony products are designed for men, but they know women use them too.

Application: Can be used up to twice a day after cleansing, or can be mixed into your existing moisturizer.

Headlining Ingredients: Three different peptides and Glycolic Acid.

Texture and Fragrance: This will feel closer to water than any other product on our list, but don’t worry; those peptides are in there, even if you can’t see or smell them.

Price: $55 for 1 ounce, ouch.

What Reviewers Say:There are some pretty impressive statements about this product

  • It made a huge difference in my skin. Fine wrinkles all but vanished, and dark spots either faded or disappeared - and I'm 75 years old. Best product I've ever used for my skin.
  • I just purchased this Serum and it's been two weeks of using daily - my skin feels so smooth and the little fine lines are not so noticeable. Sometimes I get reactions to Serums but not to this one - it is effective and doesn't have a funky chemical smell. You don't need to use a lot - a little bit goes a long way. I love it!!
  • I had a deep grove (small) acne scar that was still present even after major surgery (as in ‘real’ surgery) to remove acne scars. This little spot was much worse before the surgery. But, it’s always kind of been a reminder of low self esteem teenage years due to really bad acne. With this product, it’s starting to do the same things the other lines, wrinkles and deep groves are. It’s just evaporating. I mean, it’s not happening all at once – and it’s not overnight. But, I’ve had this face for a while and it’s pretty nice taking that second look in the mirror and being like ‘Whoa- what the $%*@!’

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