Why people love it
  • Extra-large wok is great for all kinds of cooking
  • Really easy to clean up
  • Perfect size and depth

If you’re a fan of making stir fry (or any of these other uses The Spruce recommends for woks), then you need to try this one from Anolon. It’s huge (in a good way) and is really easy to use.

Some customers have said the wok scratches easily. However, Anolon has responded to those comments and asked that customers check their lifetime warranty, so keep this in mind (and hold onto that receipt) if you do buy this pan.


Nonstick: The nonstick is made with Dupont’s Autograph coating, so you really shouldn’t have any problems keeping food from sticking or cleaning up afterwards.

Ease of Use: This wok is the perfect size: deep and wide (at 14”, it’s the largest pan on this list). Whatever you need it to cook, it will most likely be able to do so and to do it very well.

Cleaning: Customers have been really happy with how easy this is to clean. The manufacturer also says that this is dishwasher-safe, so if you’re feeling lucky, you can give that a shot too.

Price: Not bad at all considering how well made this wok is, that it comes with a lid, and how much room you have to play with your food.

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