Trianium iPhone 7/8 Battery Case

Best Christmas Gift for Traveling Professionals

Why people love it
  • Provides 10 hours more video/web browsing time, and 14 hours more talk time
  • Perfect for people who travel or use their phones
  • Slim design; won't make your phone thick or heavy

Top-rated iPhone battery case; compatible with iPhone 7 and 8;  provides 100% more battery; slim and lightweight design; features a secure grip and durable protective shell.

Hard to get the phone out of the case, quality control issues.


Details: For those who need more battery life for their iPhone 7 or 8, this is the perfect Christmas gift. Thanks to the built-in 3200 mAh battery in the case case, your man can get up to 100% more battery life. That translates into many happy hours of music, video, gaming, and phone calls.

The case is lightweight and slim, and it's designed to fit into any pocket or purse. The matte material feels sleek and has a good grip. Its hard shell will also increase the protection for your phone, reducing the risk of damage from drops or falls. It even allows your phone to sync with your devices without removing it from its case. Definitely a good gift for a guy who spends a lot of time on his phone. 

Price: $43 is a pretty high price to pay for a basic phone case, but when you consider how much extra battery life it provides, you can see why it's the perfect Christmas gift for a traveling man. The battery even comes with a lifetime warranty!


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