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Anker 10-Port USB Charger Multi-Port USB Charger

Anker 10-Port USB Charger Multi-Port USB Charger
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This smart charger offers a super-fast charge; up to 2.4 amps per port. It can be used worldwide, accepting anywhere between 100 and 240 volt charges.

You can’t necessarily use all ten ports at once; it has a max 12 amps of charge at a time.

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There are serious pros to this charging port. It has ten different ports so you don’t need to move wires around all the time. But, you can’t charge everything to the full potential when you plug gadgets into every port; there’s a 12 amps max charge flowing through this it at any time. That said, every port works with smart tech so it charges each device optimally. Pretty cool, right? And, the sale price isn’t bad either.

Picking this (or any other charging unit) as a Christmas gift? You can hardly go wrong with extra cables. These Anker cables are excellent. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to maximize the plug points in a hotel room so you can manage computers, razors, and portable tech at the same time. And this is just the adaptor to make it possible.

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