Andre Lorent PRO Makeup Brush Set

Best Makeup Brush Set for Everyday Use

Why people love it
  • Great quality
  • Beautiful, sturdy case
  • Terrific brushes and excellent customer service

The 5 brushes in this set are super soft, well-made, and come with a carrying case. Every one of these makeup brushes is 100% vegan and handmade.

Some users report issues with the white paint on the handles rubbing off or looking too dirty.


Okay, this isn’t the biggest set, but all five of these makeup brushes are well-made and super sleek. The largest brush, the powder and blush brush, is an amazing size and super soft. The other four brushes are on the smaller side for their use. This allows for a fair amount of detail with a minimum number of tools. And, really, you don’t need much more in the way of brushes, unless you’re headed out for a big night or really take your makeup seriously.

We love the white case; each makeup brush slots into its own space and the top of the case comes off completely. Better still, each handmade brush features soft “LuxeFiber” which doesn’t shed. Brushes are 100% cruelty-free and wonderfully durable. Sure, these are a little more expensive than other sets, but they’re worth every penny.

Number of pieces: 5

Brushes: Foundation, powder/blush, angled liner, eye shadow, lip

Case or storage: Comes with a gorgeous white carrying case

Bristles: “LuxeFiber” synthetic hairs that are super soft.

Price: The MSRP is $50, but you should be able to find it for $20. That makes this on the pricier side given the number of brushes, but they’re really amazing.

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