Best Rotary Motor Hair Clippers for Men

Andis Professional Ceramic Corded Hair Clipper with Detachable Blade


  • Wonderfully quiet 
  • Light weight 
  • Smooth cutting and easy to use 


This hair trimmer is lightweight and super quiet. It features detachable ceramic blades and has several positive reviews from professional users.

It’s not the lightest or the cheapest if you consider it for home use. Plus, you’ll need to buy additional blades for this hair trimmer. 


We love that this hair trimmer is lighter and smaller than previous models – that makes it easier to handle. Plus, it’s great at working through thick or long hair. More importantly, this is a very quiet machine with a rotary motor. What does that mean? It won’t get hot in your hands.

These professional hair clippers are one of the best-priced models that stand the test of time. And, there are plenty of barbers and stylists that swear by them. They’re not bad for beard trimming, through. And, if you have the bucks, you can upgrade to the cordless version (in black) which some users find beneficial.

Home or professional use: Professional

Power source: Corded (although a cordless version is also available)

Attachments: 7 plastic Andis combs (size 1/16″ to 1″)

Settings: 2.4mm- 5mm

Blade type: CeramicEdge blades. It comes with a #1 ceramic blade and is fully interchangeable with Andis and Oster blades.

Motor type: Rotary motor

Price: You’ll pay about $110, which is one the high side, but definitely not the most expensive out there. There’s a 1-year warranty included with that.


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