Anastasia 5-Element Brow Kit

Best Gift for a Teen Girl Who Rocks Bold Brows

Why people love it
  • Effectively enhances brows
  • Easy to use, even for beginners
  • Trusted cosmetic brand

Transforms sparse or light-colored brows into thick, dark arches of perfection. Available in several different hues, including blonde and light brown, for a flattering look.

Some women complain the stencils are too thick for their brows.


Dark, thick brows were once a beauty don’t, but now they’re a major do. Help your favorite teen enhance her natural beauty with this brow kit from Anastasia, which contains everything she needs for flawless brows. The kit includes tweezers, stencils, gel, and powder.

An attractive yet durable nylon case makes it easy for her to transport her brow kit to school or sleepovers. The stencils come in 5 different designs, letting your teen customize her look with high, slim, or medium arches depending on her mood.

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