Halloween time demands you step up your scary game. This toilet seat cover is one way to make sure you cover every room in your house.

  • Hyperrealistic zombie climbs from your toilet
  • Bonus drips of blood for the tank to increase the fright effect
  • 24" x 12" vinyl cover

This vinyl toilet seat cover is that extra touch you've always wanted. And, it's an Amazon #1 Bestseller for toilet lid and tank covers. Just wait until you hear the screams from the bathroom.

What Reviewers Say:

  • I put this on the lid of my sister's new house, and put a towel on the lid. She took it off and nearly had a heart attack. Worth every dime
  • Had my doubts about this as with many of these stickers. Got this in the mail, perfect packaging (not bent,folded,etc.) and to my surprise looks awesome! Sometimes I forget its on there and when I turn on the light it makes my heart skip a beat for a second. All my friends/family like it as well. Looks pretty real and does make the toilet look Gory haha! Love it! Definitely worth a purchase for Halloween or just to decorate!
  • Love the product, its as shown. Details are awesome.

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