Ditch the bulky chargers and instead create energy from your own movements with an Ampy Energy Capturing Device. The gadget sports a 1000 battery that allows you to create your own juice for charging phones and much more using the kinetic energy from your own movements!


You move a lot throughout the day, so why not use that movement to power your devices? Now, with the Ampy Energy Capturing Device, you can do just that. The originally Kickstarter-funded project allows you to generate kinetic energy from your own movements, and stores it within the gadget. The next time you need to power up, say, your cell phone, there's no need to search high and low for an outlet, or find bartender who may happen to have a charger in the back. Whether it's walking up stairs, pubically commuting to work, or just running your usual errands, Ampy, continually generates energy from your everyday activities. Plus, the device serves as an excellent motivation to keep you active by offering a reward (i.e. power!) for the activities you already perform everyday. 


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