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AMiERY Women's Casual Lounge Pants
  • Roomy in the legs and relaxed fit make them very comfortable 
  • Soft, lightweight material feels like a dream against your skin
  • Perfect length
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These floral lounge pants are comfortable with just the right amount of stretch. Exhale. You've found a new favorite pant you can wear everyday, and they're so light you'll barely feel them.

These lounge pants only come in floral print, not any solid colors. So, if you're not a fan of floral, you may want to try another brand.


Quality: Made from 15% cotton and 85% polyester, the AMiERY Lounge Pant is designed to be both comfortable and stretchy. Although thin, these pants are very reliable. And, you won't notice any shrinkage from washing. 

Style: What we love most is that you can wear them while running errands as well. Their floral design is what makes this possible, since they don't look like your typical lounge pant.

These pants also have an elastic waist with a drawstring, giving them the look of everyday pants rather than looking like pajamas. And, they come in 11 floral prints.

The AMiERY Lounge Pant also features an extra wide leg, which comes in super handy if you're looking to lounge without anything constricting you. Although roomy, it's also worth nothing that your butt will still look good from the back.  

These pants are available in sizes S to XXX (and, they make the perfect pregnancy pant). 

Price: At roughly $15, these lounge pants provide many of the same awesome features as the more expensive brands, but at a significantly lower cost. You'll love them so much you're probably going to want another pair. 


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