Why people love it
  • Built to last for years of regular shaving and grooming
  • Easy access to all your toiletries; highly organized
  • Compact and fits in any suitcase or carry-on

Made of top grain cowhide leather that is incredibly durable. The interior zippered compartments make for easy organizing, and the doctor bag-style opening holds more than similar-sized kits. A perfect gift for the traveling man!

Useless bottom compartment makes for a lot of wasted storage space.


Performance: For those who want to store their shaving and grooming accessories in a beautiful shaving kit, look no further than this genuine cowhide leather case. It's a shaving brush kit that takes advantage of the beauty and durability of leather.

It's made from tough cowhide leather and comes in colors from grey to brown to dark brown. It's a highly elegant storage solution for all your shaving needs!

The doctor bag-style opening gives you the ability to fill the top compartment with more items. The dividers and compartments do take up necessary space, reducing your storage, but it can hold everything you want to take with you: razors, shaving brush, toothbrush, mini-colognes, and more.

Features: The bag comes with zippered compartments, allowing you to organize your toiletries and shaving items. Some people find the bottom compartment useless, though it can be used for storing flat items like a shaving mirror or condoms. With interior and exterior zippered pockets, you'll find it makes organizing your toiletries a breeze.

Price: At $33, this is a well-priced shaving kit. It's a bit pricier than the cheaper polyurethane leather kits, but the genuine cowhide leather will last many, many more years!

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