American Crew Molding Clay

Best Men's Hair Clay with a Touch of Shine

Why people love it
  • Seriously long lasting hold (more than a day)
  • Provides a nice shine
  • Great for fine hair

This is a little too greasy for some users – and it can be difficult to wash out. There are also those that feel it doesn’t offer them nearly enough hold.


This American Crew product is a little different than most hair clays, but it definitely deserves its spot on this list. What makes it unusual? It doesn’t have the typical matte finish that most offer; it provides a little more shine than that. Now, we do need to warn you about that; it can be a little too greasy for some users.

But, this has an amazing hold. No really. It does – especially if you have thin hair. It’s strong and it lasts for days if you want it to. As it is reworkable with an extra touch of the product, you may just want to do that because this can be downright difficult to wash out of your hair. It’s a disappointment given all the positives of this hair clay.

It’s designed for sleek side parts or men with low pompadours (higher pompadours will require a lot more hold). You can expect some volume and the appearance of thicker hair which is why it’s so darn good for men with thinner hair.

The guys over at Brostick concur with all the high points without even mentioning the darn good price for this product. That’s something we just refuse to walk past; this is real value for money, especially if you’re after a strong hold with a little bit of shine.

Hold: This offers a strong hold – especially for guys with thin hair. There are those that find it doesn’t offer enough hold, but we’re fairly certain their hair is too thick for this hair clay.

Texture: This is a doughy or pasty clay and it does feel a little sticky.

Application: Almost everyone finds this remarkably easy to use. It generally works best with towel-dried hair. It’s not a bad idea to let it harden, perhaps under low hairdryer heat. It’s also reworkable throughout the day… if you need to.

Duration: This is one of the longest lasting holds out there; it should last you well into the following morning – and perhaps even as long as three days if you don’t wash your hair (though you may need a little more product for touchups).

Washing ease: It’s really sad that this takes so much effort to work out of your hair when it goes in so easily. Really, you do need to commit to washing if you’re using this hair clay.

Scent: Like all American Crew products, women flip their lid for the smell of this hair clay. This particular aroma is sort of a manly citrusy scent with a hint of mint.

Key ingredients: It does have the bentonite clay you would expect, as well as beeswax. There is also a nice selection of oils (including the sunflower oil that provides the shine) along with orange and lemon extracts and rosemary. Sadly, it also has parabens.

Size: The 3 ounce size lasts and lasts and lasts.

Price: You should be able to find the 3 ounce container for about $8 on Amazon. That makes this one of the most cost effective hair clay products on the market at less than $2.30 per ounce.

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