American Crew Hair Styling Pomade

Best Overall Pomade for Men

Why people love it
  • An almost perfect hold (plenty strong, but still malleable)
  • Glossy, somewhat natural finish
  • Addictively amazing smell

This pomade works great on most hair and hairstyles and is a flexible alternative to gel. It washes easily, smells delicious and has a long shelf life.

It can be a little sticky for some users (we suggest a little more heat to make it pliable before application). There are few, if any, other negatives.


Who doesn't love just about every product from American Crew? And, if you want a quality pomade from a reputable men's brand (that offers that AC smell ladies can't get enough of), you shouldn't pass up this pomade. Perhaps that’s why the manufacturer recommends this product for “romantic wear.” (Yeah, we know, it’s funny.)

This pomade offers serious control with a dash of shine, making it perfect for a variety of hairstyles. It works on both straight and curly hair. And, it's made by one of the top men's grooming lines in the world. When you don't have to pay full price, you should snatch this pomade - you'll always want to have a tub (or two) on hand.

Base: Water

Notable ingredients: There aren’t any synthetic ingredients here. You will find sage inside, which is great for reducing the thinning and isn’t bad at stopping the gray from approaching. There’s also ginseng, which is awesome for strengthening and protecting your hair as well as removing dandruff.

Hold and control: This is a straight-up medium hold, that’s super easy to restyle later in the day.

Shine level: Expect a natural sheen when applied to dry hair. If you add a little water to the process, you can expect a higher shine.

Texture and fragrance: This is quite a silky-feeling pomade with a subtle, refreshing scent (that women always fall for) – and the aroma comes from natural extracts.

Application: When you apply this to wet hair, it works in easily, but you should expect a softer hold than you would get when applying it to dry hair. It doesn’t become stiff; you'll get some ability to restyle, but not enough to reshape your hair after wearing a hat for half the day.

Washability: Most men find this exceptionally easy to wash out compared to other styling products. It’s not, however, as easy to rinse it out without shampoo as other water-based pomades may be. That said, one wash and you won’t have any left in your hair.

Sizes and pricing: Each little tub carries 3 ounces of product, and will cost in the $10 range on Amazon. (Yes, it’s available with Prime). There’s a 2-pack (for a total of 6 ounces) which sometimes sells for slightly less than a single container. Either way, it’s a little more than $3/ounce which places this on the far lower end of the average price for a pomade.

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