Why people love it
  • Adds volume and gives the appearance of thicker hair
  • Most guys report a noticeable difference
  • Great smell (as you would expect)

This shampoo from American Crew doesn't actually thicken hair (as you can imagine), but it does make hair appear thicker while leaving it soft and touchable. 

Some guys experience adverse reactions which may be attributable to the parabens inside... or the pH level it imparts.


For All Hair Types: This neo-classic men's line carries everything a man needs to look, feel, and smell his best. This shampoo has the added benefit of increasing hair thickness (and even if you're not worried about that yet, someday you will be). Not only is this shampoo reasonably priced, most women flip when they smell anything by American Crew. The "male-scented" shampoo eliminates excess build-up as it cleanses hair and provides a rejuvenated feeling.

  • Active Ingredients: There are some good things in the mix here, including pro-vitamin B5, seed extract, keratin amino acids, and peppermint oil. None of these are qualified to regrow hair, but they do create a terrific environment for that to happen. And, it's not as if you can stop washing your hair just because you're losing your hair or using hair regrowth treatments. 
  • How it works: It's a shampoo and you should know how to work with that by now. 
  • Who can use it? It's designed for men and certainly has a manly scent to it, but it doesn't contain anything that prohibits women from using it. Younger men (and women) can use it for healthy scalps, even if they're not yet thinning. 
  • Frequency of use: As often as you wash your hair - which doesn't need to be every day. And, you may want to cut down on the hair washing if you have thinning hair. Also be careful not to use too many styling products. 
  • Will it break the bank? Not even a little. You should be able to pick up this 8.4 fluid ounce bottle for about $10. That puts the price per fluid ounce at about $1.20. That's not bad at all - and it will probably last you months. 

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