Best Men's Styling Cream for Thick Hair

American Crew Forming Cream
  • Incredible all-day hold with the bonus of moveability
  • The most amazing scent that turns heads of both genders
  • A natural, non-visible appearance without any pesky flakes

  • It's best for thick hair and does tend to do better with shorter styles
  • Definitely has a pliable hold, which you should expect to last through the day
  • Shine levels depend on application, giving you even more control
  • It does lose some strength when you sweat, so it's not great for workouts
  • A few users report leaving a little grease on headrests, but it's by no means universal (leading us to believe that it's a matter of how much you use)

Absolutely no list of styling products for men would be complete without the now iconic American Crew brand. 

American Crew has certainly earned their reputation with their affordable and effective products. This forming cream certainly lives up to the brand's reputation.

Its glycerin softens and swells hair shaft making hair appear thicker while providing a moveable hold. If you've got a new cut or you're going for a new look, this is the product to start with. 

This is the sort of styling cream that works for nearly any man, most of the time. It provides a solid hold time and time again.

It smells great, works easily into the hair, washes out well, and is neither too shiny nor too matte.

In short, as Sharp Magazine aptly puts it, “it’s the good stuff.”

If you’re looking for more validation, you’ll find it on image consultants Yellow on Blue’s website. They illustrate the benefits succinctly, “with wide availability and quality and consistency of product I can whole-heartedly recommend this product to any young professional looking to add more polish and confidence to their appearance.”

Key ingredients: It's water based, so it shampoos out easily and has a lanolin-wax base. While American Crew is a cruelty-free brand and we applaud that, we would love it if they would take the parabens and alcohol out of their formulations. 

Texture and appearance: It's pliable and very creamy, but a little sticky. Think of a combination of school glue and thick hand lotion.

We know that doesn't sound appealing, but it's really comfortable to work with. 

Application: You can experiment with wet and dry application, though you’re likely to find that damp to dry hair works best. A tiny amount is all that's needed. 

Scent: Think light and sweet, but with an overwhelmingly masculine aroma. There are some citrus notes - and there are plenty of men (and women) that believe it smells better than the brand's iconic fiber product. 

Price: You should expect to pay between $10 and $11 for a 3-ounce container on Amazon. It usually works out to less than $3.50 per ounce which is about average for a reputable hair cream.

It is eligible for Prime shipping - and since it usually lasts for ages, there's no reason to feel uncomfortable about the fact that it's not available for Subscribe & Save.


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