Why people love it
  • Incredible all-day hold with the bonus of moveability
  • The most amazing scent that turns heads of both genders
  • A natural, non-visible appearance without any pesky flakes
Drawbacks, not dealbreakers

If you're looking for something with a super strong hold, this may not be the product for you.


This forming cream certainly lives up to the brand's reputation. Its glycerin softens and swells hair shaft making hair appear thicker while providing a moveable hold. Plus, it's water based, so it shampoos out easily. If you've got a new cut or you're going for a new look, this is the product to start with. American Crew has certainly earned their reputation with their affordable and effective products.

This is the sort of styling cream that works for nearly any man, most of the time. It provides a solid hold time and time again. It smells great, works easily into the hair, washes out well, and is neither too shiny nor too matte. In short, as Sharp Magazine aptly puts it, “it’s the good stuff.” If you’re looking for more validation, you’ll find it on image consultant’s Yellow on Blue’s website. They illustrate the benefits succinctly, “with wide availability and quality and consistency of product I can whole-heartedly recommend this product to any young professional looking to add more polish and confidence to their appearance.”

Application: You can experiment with wet and dry application, though you’re likely to find that damp to dry hair works best.

Who It’s For: If your hair is extremely thin, ridiculously thick, uncontrollably frizzy or curly, or more greasy than you’d like to admit, this is not the right product for you. If you don’t fall into any of these categories, you’re going to fall in love with it.

Why We Love It: This does the job so well that we almost slotted it into first place, but it’s not as cost-effective as our number one choice. You’ll find the same benefits – and just possibly a nicer smell, but it doesn’t get the same overwhelmingly positive reviews you’ll find for the D:Fi styling cream.

What Reviewers Say:

  • If you have FINE HAIR with LITTLE or NO body this is your product. My hair falls under that description and if I use "light" hold products my hair falls flat into a BOWL DO. If I use "max" hold products my hair is crunchy or feels nasty like I buried Super Glue in there.
  • Since being introduced to this product, I've received many compliments and eventually made me proud to have the type of hair that I do. Many girls love, many guys envy. Now I'm in my mid twenties and my hair game always on.
  • I like the Crew line of products because they do a good job of maintaining hold on my hair without making it sticky or crunchy. I often run my hands through my hair on a given day. I also switch between this and the Crew Fiber depending on the amount of hold I need. However, you only need a little dab of product, much more than that and it gets sticky or crunchy.

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