American Crew Defining Paste

Best Simple Hair Cream

Why people love it

• Perfect for an "all day" hairstyle

• Keeps your hair in place; medium hold with good pliability

• Ideal for shorter hair


Tacky, sometimes tough to apply, and dries too quickly.


For those who want decent hold and medium shine, you'll love this affordable paste. It can be a bit hard to work with if your hair is dry, but damp hair has just enough moisture to allow you to shape and sculpt the hair style. The thickness of the paste ensures your hair stays in place all day long.

The paste gives you decent pliability, and offers a "memory" that will ensure your hairstyle remains unchanged no matter what you do. It's better for short hair (thanks to its quick-drying nature), but you can mix it with pomade for longer hair. It can hold up more complicated, higher hairstyles without adding a greasy film or white matter.

Application: This product is best applied to slightly damp hair. The fact that it dries fast means it can be tough to work with. Apply a bit of the paste to the tips of short hair and style quickly.

Who’s It For: Men with shorter hair.

Price: At just over $7, you'll be hard-pressed to find a more affordable product. You will have to learn how to apply it quickly before it dries, but once you do you'll realize just how reliable it is!

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