American Crew Daily Conditioner for Men

Best Budget Men’s Conditioner

Why people love it
  • Fantastic price
  • Great tingly sensation
  • Leaves hair feeling healthy

There are plenty of revitalizing ingredients in this best conditioner for men from a seriously respected line. The price is also amazing and the smell is intoxicating.

Some users complain of watered down product and poor packaging, but most don’t.


There are definitely cheaper conditioners out there; you could go for a super-budget brand, but why? This is an affordable product for most guys and it gets the job done. Guys love the way their hair feels after using this revitalizing conditioner and their wives and girlfriends love the way it smells. Plus, it’s got a brilliant tingly sensation when you apply it to your hair. Warning: it’s almost addictive.

Now, we do need to let you know that there are parabens and added fragrances in the formula which will put some people off. But, this cruelty-free men’s line has had die-hard brand loyalists following it for years; so clearly, it’s not turning that many away. The more troubling aspect are the occasional reports of watered-down products.

If it wasn’t for that, we would have moved this way higher on the list. This conditioner is, after all, fantastic at producing amazing results.

Key ingredients: Menthol and peppermint oils with rosemary and thyme extracts

Sulfates: No

Parabens: Yes

Other notable ingredients: Ammonium quaternarium salts, vitamin B, panama bark extract. More importantly, you’ll find parabens and added fragrance along. But, it is gluten-free.

Cruelty-free: Yes

Scent: Peppermint

Bottle size: 33.8 oz if you really want to save, but there are other bottle sizes available.

Price: You should pay less than $25 for the nearly 34 oz bottle. That’s about 70 cents per ounce and that’s freaking amazing.

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