AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Chair

Best Compact Office Chair

Why people love it
  • Surprisingly firm and thick seat cushion
  • Decent quality product at a good price
  • Comfortable back design; chair feels solid

Lightweight, cheap, ergonomic, smooth rolling action, easy to assemble, thick seat cushion, and a very comfortable back. Overall, a very solid chair.

The arm support is slightly low, and the chair reclines a bit farther than comfortable.


Details: This is a compact, lightweight office chair, ideal for anyone with very little extra space in their office. The low armrests (a bit too low for taller users) will slide underneath any desk or workstation, and the slim back won't stick out. A good option for those who share tight work spaces.

Despite its slim, light design, the chair feels nice and solid. It's easy to assemble right out of the box, and you'll be ready for sitting in about 15 minutes. The instructions are clear and simple to follow. It's ideal for lightweight, smaller users (up to 225 pound weight limit)

Features: For those who sweat a lot during the summer, the mesh back of this chair is a total win. It offers excellent ventilation and breathability, and you'll feel the breeze of the fan or chill of the A/C on your back even after hours of sitting.

The chair DOESN'T offer lower back support, but the back is designed to be comfortable. Be warned: it reclines a bit farther than you'd expect, and there's nothing to cushion your back as you recline. However, when sitting upright, it's comfortable and supportive.

Price: If you're looking at cheap office chairs, you'll find this is probably the best computer chair for the price tag. At $65, this is an affordable chair that delivers excellent quality and comfort for a reasonable cost.

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