AmazonBasics HDMI to DVI adapter cable

Best Quality HDMI to DVI Adapter

Why people love it
  • Gold-plated connectors
  • Net jacket for extra layer of protection
  • One-year limited warranty

Backwards compatible, avoids clutter, additional layer of protection, increased cut resistance, one-year limited warranty, and, overall, great quality at a low price.

Quality control issues.


Performance: If you want a cable ideal for connecting your notebook/netbook to any HDMI-enabled TV, this is the one for you. At 6-feet in length, it's long enough for easy connections without cluttering up your entertainment unit or living room. It's even backwards compatible, meaning it can be used with older DVI signals (DVI-D and DVI-I)

The product delivers exactly what it's supposed to: a reliable, durable cable free of interference or image artifacts. Thanks to the gold-plated connectors, you get years of regular use without worrying about corrosion or rusting.

Be warned: a few people have complained that their cable was DOA ("dead on arrival"). Quality control issues may be a problem, but the 1-year warranty ensures Amazon will send a new product if that's the case.

Features: The cable net jacket is nice and thick, adding more protection from damage and preventing anything from severing the metal wires within. The HD-quality video transmission will make watching TV or playing games very enjoyable. With up to 18 Gbps bandwidth and 4K resolution, you get a quality viewing experience.

Be warned: the cable does NOT have audio capacity!

Price: At $7, this is a well-priced cable. It delivers quality at a great cost, and you'll find it's a reliable option for connecting your devices.

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