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  • Efficient, high performance shredder perfect for home use
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Short run time before it overheats.


Performance: If you're looking for a shredder to handle your monthly bank/credit card statements and other important documents, this is the one for you. Make no mistake: it's NOT a heavy duty commercial shredder. You're better off shredding 4-6 pages instead of 8 advertised, but it will turn them into tiny confetti with efficient ease. And the shredder will overheat after 15-20 minutes of shredding. (Note: The instructions say 2 minute run-time!)

However, you'll love micro-cut shredding, and you'll always have plenty of confetti on hand thanks to this bad boy. It's great for shredding everything from single papers to envelopes to bank statements to laser discs. For home use, it's as good as it gets!

Features: With a its 3-gallon storage bin, this shredder only needs to be emptied once every month or two (with regular use). The auto shut-off feature built into the shredder will keep it from overheating, and you'll find the "auto reverse" feature makes it easy to avoid paper jams. The feeder mouth is 8¾" wide, meaning you have more than enough space for your documents.

The shredder also comes with thermal protection to reduce excessive heat production, giving you a slightly longer continuous run time. It's beautifully compact (less than 18 inches tall and 13 inches wide), and the micro-cut shredder will turn your paper into pieces 5/32" by 8/32". A single sheet of paper becomes 360 individual pieces!

Price: At $70, this is a very reasonably priced shredder. You're not paying a fortune for a heavy duty shredder, but the appliance delivers excellent performance at good value. Plus, it comes with AmazonBasics' 1-year warranty!

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