Best Valentine's Gift for the Wife Who Loves to Netflix (and Chill)

Amazon Fire Stick with Alexa Remote
  • Perfect gift if your wife loves to watch TV or movies
  • Super easy to use
  • Built-in Alexa functionality

If your wife loves to watch TV and movies, give her something that will merge all her favorite apps into one. Surprise her with this on Valentine’s Day by suggesting you spend a night in watching a movie, and then watch as her face lights up with all the options.

Like with any other tech item, people have experienced issues with streaming as well as the remote. Luckily, Amazon has great customer service.


Sentimentality: Let’s face it. This’ll probably be a gift for both of you. So while it may not hold any sentimental value, it’s something you and your wife (and family) can appreciate.

Uniqueness: The Fire Stick’s an often-recommended gift for tech and movie lovers.

Practicality: If she wasn’t making time to watch TV or movies before, she will now.

Price: Considering this comes with built-in Alexa functionality, it’s an excellent price.


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