AMAZON ECHO Plus System with built-in Hub

Best Valentine's Gift for Techies

Why people love it
  • Voice recognition software makes it easy to do just about anything completely hands-free
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Compatible with a wide range of software and devices

Packed with convenient features, including: omni-directional audio reminiscent of surround sound, voice recognition, and good sound quality. It can be integrated with home automation and personal wellness devices and software, and it features a decent range of sound.

Not portable; has to be plugged in around the clock.


Details: This little beauty will sit in his house, ready to take notes, turn on music, play TV programs, open an audiobook, or make his grocery list. It's a highly intelligent device that has access to a breathtaking array of content: news updates, traffic reports, audiobooks, Amazon shopping, internet search engines, fun facts, Pandora, Spotify, and so much more.

The sound quality is great, with an omni-directional design that will make it feel like surround sound. It doesn't have peerless range (just up to 30 feet) and has to stay plugged in to work, but it's a "housemate" that will be useful—think of it as a fully automated home entertainment service paired with Siri.

Price: Is $150 too high a price to pay? Not when you see everything Alexa can do! It's one of the most versatile devices around, and its capabilities are expanded with every use.

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