Most Durable Trail Running Shoes

Altra Lone Peak 3
  • The perfect shoes for rough and rugged mountain trails
  • Designed to be comfortable, reliable, and incredibly durable
  • Supportive, tight-gripping upper and EVA midsole
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Zero-drop design, wide toe, excellent cushioning, incredibly rugged design, great for hiking as well as running, not too pricey, comfortable, feel solid on your feet, sturdy lacing system, and great support from the EVA midsole.

Wide toe box may feel too roomy for some, and these bad boys are on the heavier side.


Performance: For those who want a pair of running shoes that can handle even the roughest mountain trails, you'll love the Altra Lone Peak 3.0. Altra's latest upgrades include a highly durable upper and a solid outsole that offers superior traction on even slippery surfaces. However, the 3.0 retains the cushioning and wide toe box that made the Lone Peak 2.0 such a great choice for trail running.

The shoes are highly durable, with a heavyweight design that feels solid and rugged with every step. The cushioning feels luxurious without reducing grip and versatility on rocky trails. The solid platform—durable rubber and EVA midsole—makes each stride comfortable and stable. Thanks to the excellent support, the shoes will protect your feet from the pounding of trail running.

Features: The wide toe box is one of the most controversial features of the Lone Peak. It's a bit too wide for men with narrow feet (leading to a sloppy, slippery feel), but men with larger, wider feet will love the roominess of the shoe. The wide footbed also gives better stability when running downhills.

The shoes are terrain runners, but they are designed to be used for thru-hiking and trekking as well. The Velcro tab on the back of the shoes makes them easy to attach to gaiters, ideal for running in wet conditions. With the durable, tight-fit upper, your feet will be comfortable, secure, and well-ventilated as long as you run.

Price: At $70, these are a bit on the pricier side. However, given their durability, you'll find they will outlast most of the other trail runners on our list.


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