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Most Comfortable Men's Undershirt

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• The most comfortable undershirt EVER—soft and supple material

• Slim fit without being too snug or restrictive

• Stylish, lightweight, and easily hidden


Soft and sleek, low neck, great for wearing under dress shirts, made with Peruvian Pima cotton, slimming, good fit, stylish cut, can be worn tucked or untucked, contains recycled and organic materials, and features a ribbed neckband.

Expensive, and not suitable as an outershirt.


Comfort: If you're looking for an undershirt that's made for maximum comfort, you'll love this Boss shirt. It's made with 50% polyester, 12% Rayon, and 38% organic Peruvian Pima cotton. The cotton is organic and the other materials are recycled, making it a fairly eco-friendly T-shirt.

The mix of polyester and rayon makes it a lightweight shirt with just the right amount of stretch to be comfortable. The material is super-soft to the touch. It will feel like you're wearing a cloud as you slip this bad boy over your head.

Fit: The cut is slimming and form-fitting, but it's not tight or too snug. There's no bunching in the armpits, and the slim collar is easily hidden under any polo, formal shirt, or even T-shirts. The longer waistline is intended to be worn both tucked and untucked. Sadly, it's not quite thick enough to be worn as an outershirt, but it's the most comfortable undershirt you'll find.

Price: Sadly, this is one of the priciest shirts on our list—just under $30 for a single undershirt. It's a shirt to have for special occasions when you want to feel sexy, but it's definitely not a budget-friendly option.


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