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ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse Table
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The double level design of this camping table is truly genius. Drinks can be easily stored on the second level in order to leave the top level open for food and games. What more could you ask for?

Reviewers are not crazy about the khaki color of this bad boy!


Details: The ALPS Mountaineering Eclipse 27" x 26" table is conveniently transportable and easy to set up. Simply remove the table from its carrying bag, unfold, buckle the straps at each corner, and adjust for tautness. The double level design provides 4 built in beverage holders on the bottom level for drinks so that the top level can be used for eating or playing games, without fear that drinks will tip over and spill. The table also features a built in side organizer pocket for easy and convenient storage. When you're done using your table, simply unlatch the buckles, fold, and slide the table back into the convenient carrying bag. Could it get any easier?

What Reviewers Say:

  • "We bought this table for a cabin getaway this summer, and it fully lived up to our expectations. It's big enough to comfortably fit two plates. Four plates would probably be a squeeze. One of the big selling points for us was the built in cup holders. This is a big plus, not having to set your drinking vessel of choice on the ground where it can tip over. The table is sturdy and of a reasonable weight. It comes with its own carry case. The price also made it an attractive buy. The color isn't the prettiest, perhaps, but it's outdoor-appropriate, and at least it doesn't show much dirt!"
  • "Very good quality for the price. Takes the same amount of room as a chair. Good size and we LOVED the extra storage space and drink holders underneath the table surface. We used this as a nightstand in our 8 person tent as well as an extra table for the camp for eating, playing games etc."



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