All-New Echo Dot (2nd Generation)

Best Valentine's Gift for Techies

Why people love it
  • Affordable option to control your home devices
  • Voice recognition software makes it easy to do just about anything completely hands-free
  • Just like having a personal assistant

Echo Dot is a hands-free, voice-controlled device that plays music, controls smart home devices, provides information, reads the news, and sets alarms.

Voice command needs some improvement. 


Details: This device may look small but it's does a whole lot more than you think. The Amazon Echo Dot is extremely smart. It will turn on music, play TV programs, open an audiobook, or make his grocery list all by using voice commands. It can also give him news updates, provide traffic reports, read audiobooks, and play Pandora or Spotify. The best part is, you can customize his Dot for any room with the optional Echo Dot Case. Available in leather or fabric and a range of colors.

Price: Compared to the full-size Amazon Echo which costs a pricey $180, the $50 Dot is a great value. And, your guy is sure to love it. 

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