ALEX Toys Craft Friends 4 Ever Scrapbook

Best Gift for a Nostalgic Teen Girl

Why people love it
  • Bright, colorful pages
  • Fun DIY activity
  • Can be done alone or with friends

Comes with 453 pieces so your teen can effectively capture fond memories in colorful clarity. Ideal for young teens and tweens who value friendships.

Includes safety scissors, so she’ll need her own pair if she wants to cut pics and paper without a struggle. This kit might be a bit babyish for teens who are closer to college age than middle school age.


Sparking gems, colorful stickers, patterned ribbon, and buttons make it fun to preserve memories of special times with friends. The kit includes a glue stick and scissors, but she may want to replace those with her own supplies. Aside from that, this scrapbooking kit contains everything she needs - including a 48-page hardcover book - to organize memorable moments.

It’s fun to create this book alone, but this is also a great activity for friends to do during a slumber party or on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

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