You must know what we think of this air purifier. It's hot, hot, hot! But, behind the simple design, there's even better surprises waiting. It's the HEPA filter, of course, that does all the work here - but it does it ever so quietly.


We're just showing it to you with the gray cover. You can also get it in white (for a cheaper price tag), turquoise, a handful of wood finishes, and a primer finish so you can paint it to match your room.  But, that's not all. This baby covers a whopping 1100 square feet of space without drowning you in noise. (That's the WhisperMax Technology at work.)  And, this sexy air purifier adjusts airflow as necessary. With a HEPA filter, EnergyStar certification and a Lifetime Limited Warranty in the USA, we're not certain why you've not bought this yet.

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