Best Smart Lock for Smartphone Users

AKASO Smart Lock
  • The perfect lock for those who do everything with their smartphone
  • Instant access with the press of a button, secure automatic locking
  • Very versatile software, lots of built-in features
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Lock optimized for smartphone use, simple password unlock for when you don’t have your phone on you, emergency unlock feature, easy installation, comes with two keys as backup, automatic locking, low-battery alarm, emergency power supply built in, and provides real-time protection and monitoring.

App isn’t very user-friendly; setting access codes and passwords can be difficult.


Design: This lock is designed to replace your existing lock, and its primary function is to connect to your smartphone (via the app) and grant access through your phone. It can, however, be opened using the access codes/passwords that you pre-set into it (via the app), and it comes with two keys as a back-up in case you get locked out of your phone or forget the password.

The lock runs on battery power, but it does have an emergency power supply in case the battery runs out before you can change it. You can also open the door using a 9V battery (on the instant battery charging terminal) if it comes down to it. Thankfully, with the “low battery alarm”, you’ll always know when it’s time to change out your batteries.

Installation: Installation is a breeze—simply remove your existing lock and replace it with the AKASO Smart Lock. The lock comes with a built-in deadbolt to ensure maximum security for your home.

Setting up the passwords and access codes from your smartphone is where most users struggle. The app doesn’t have a user-friendly interface, and many people struggle to figure out how to program the various codes.

Performance: This smart lock is ideal for anyone with any smartphone (Android and iOS-compatible), and you’ll find the app offers a broad range of features—automatic locking, emergency unlocking, auto-lock after 5 failed entries, real-time monitoring and alerts, a complete log of entries and exits, low battery alerts, temporary access codes, and more. If you can figure out how to use the app, you’ll find it’s a great option for a smart lock!

However, be warned: the lock is optimized for smartphone use, but it tends to be a bit glitchy when you try to enter your passcode on the touchpad. You may find that those not opening the door via their smartphone will struggle to gain access because of the iffy system.

Price: At $160, this is one of the lower-priced smart locks. It’s durable, reliable, and great for smartphone users, but you do need to know that it has a couple of flaws in the design.


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