Air Water Life Aqua Ionizer Deluxe 9.0

Best Luxury Alkaline Water Filter

Why people love it
  • Self-cleaning interior
  • Customizable pH levels
  • Efficient unit only uses 110 volts

Suitable for cooking - a feature many alkalizing units lack. Versatile unit can be installed as a countertop appliance or an under-the-sink system.

Requires separate filters for fluoride filtration. Not compatible with every faucet, so make sure it works with yours before you shell out $1,300.


Design: Large and heavy when compared to other models. This unit weighs 12.05 pounds and stands nearly 1.5 feet high, so you may want to keep it under your sink even though countertop installation is an option.

This Air Water Life unit is built to survive frequent use thanks to its platinum-covered components. The interior cleans itself, so you only have to worry about wiping down the exterior as needed.

Installation takes around 10 minutes, and the unit includes the required fittings and hardware.

Performance: Dependable, which is important when you’re spending more than $1,000 to alkalize water. It delivers an impressive antioxidant potential that ranges from -860 to +1000 OPR.

Reviewers praise the pure taste of water filtered with this unit. The activated charcoal filter helps remove fluoride, chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, and other unwanted materials.

Special Features: This is the best luxury alkaline water filter unit on our list, so it’s packed with special features. For starters, there are 7 different settings. You can use water alkalized by this unit for cooking, cleaning, drinking, or cosmetic use.

We love that you can customize your pH level to anywhere between 3.0 and 11.5, as that’s a feature few other units have. We also dig the self-cleaning interior because water filter units are notoriously difficult to clean.

Life Span: 12 months or 4,000 liters, whichever comes first. Replacement filters are around $40 to $45, which is reasonable.

Price: An account-draining $1,300, but reviewers say the unit is worth the price.

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