Ahnu Sugarpine Women's

Best All-Purpose Hiking Boots for Women

Why people love it
  • Perfect for wearing on the hiking trail and around town; very stylish
  • A solid, lightweight, comfortable pair of boots for any use
  • Designed specifically for women's unique feet structure

Hiking and walking boots, stylish, intended for casual around-town use, water-resistant, good value for the cost, durable, excellent support for your ankles, solid construction, and lightweight.

Shallow tread and not ideal for heavier hikers.


Performance: These are ranked as "all-purpose boots" because they're designed hiking, walking, camping, and wearing in the city. They're stylish, lightweight (at 1 lb, 7 oz), and a good-looking choice if you want to wear boots around town. Thanks to their woman-specific design, they're wonderfully comfortable!

Be warned: these are NOT hardcore hiking boots built for days on rugged trails. Their shallow tread means they don't offer the best traction, and they can't carry too much weight. However, they're great for walking around town, hitting the hiking trails, or walking in the forest in style. They offer excellent stability and support, and they are light enough for hour-long and day-long hikes.

Features: The nylon shank built into the midfoot of the sole keeps it nice and stiff, offering a solid platform for you to step off of. With solid laces, these mid-height boots are excellent for keeping your ankles stable. Women with ankle problems will love walking in these bad boys. The foot bed is designed specifically for a woman's foot, with arch and heel support to keep you comfortable as you walk or hike.

The boots come with their own unique waterproofing system. Thanks to the gusseted tongue, your feet will stay dry as you cross streams or walk in the rain. The synthetic material used for the boots' upper is dirt- and dust-resistant, meaning your boots will stay clean for longer.

Price: Starting at $100, these are a decently priced pair of boots that will come in handy on hikes or around town. They're not ideal for hardcore hikers, but women who prefer form over function will want a pair of these at home.

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