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Most Comfortable Hiking Boots

Why people love it
  • THE MOST comfortable pair of hiking boots you'll ever wear, especially for those with high arches
  • Never worry about blisters; wear them right out of the box
  • Well-designed pair of hiking boots with decent stability and grip

Reviewers report that these boots are not fully waterproof and not the most supportive.


Performance: If you're the kind of hiker who cares about comfort, these are the shoes for you. They can be worn right out of the box, with minimal break-in time and ZERO chance of giving you blisters. The ergonomic footbed comes with layers of multi-density foam that will make you feel like you're walking on clouds.

These boots aren't the most durable—they're prone to showing signs of wear far sooner than you'd like—but they do offer good traction and grip on the ground. The leather upper is sleek and stylish, and the lacing system will keep them gripping your feet tightly. All in all, a great pair of boots!

Features: The boots are highly breathable, thanks to the mesh membranes built into the inner lining. Sadly, these membranes also affect the waterproofing. You may end up with wet feet if you walk through running water, though you shouldn't have to worry about a mild rain or small creek.

The rubber outsole offers excellent traction, and you'll find the high collar keeps your ankles stable as you scramble over rocks and rough terrain. They're not the most supportive shoes, however, so those prone to ankle problems may want to consider a different pair.

Price: At $130, these are a pretty well-priced pair of boots. You get maximum comfort, a stylish design, and a lightweight set of boots that will keep up with your day hikes. 

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