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  • Hand crafted
  • Adjustable for any neck size

Odds are you haven't seen a bow tie quite like this one. This isn't formal tie by any means, but it will add a fun, playful element to any trendy look. 

This tie will take some getting used to since wood isn't pliable like fabric. So if you get claustrophobic in a bow tie, then you may want something more traditional.


Fabric: This bow tie is hand shaped from South African wood. The color of the dark grain is complementary to any color or print shirt you prefer. The neck strap is made from adjustable elastic, and the bow tie features an accent fabric centerpiece in a range of different colors. 

Shape: This is carved in a classic bowtie shape and styled to look like a traditional fabric bow tie. It looks great with nearly any face shape and jaw line. 

Type: It's a little difficult to categorize this bow tie; you can't tie wood. But either way, this bow tie just requires a little adjustment, if any. Basically just clip it on, and you're good to go. It's easy to put on, and adjust to your liking. 

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