When is the last time you were floored by a cup of coffee? If it wasn't this morning, then you don't have this AeroPress

  • Total immersion of the grounds in the water
  • Lower temperature and short brew time
  • AeroPress chamber is nearly self-cleaning

No, we're not making this up; this clever coffee maker transforms French press users into converts every day. Don't believe it? You will. 

If you love the strength and flavor of French press coffee, but you're tired of the grounds making their way into your mug, then you absolutely need to take a look at this. People that buy it for the sake of having respectable coffee while travelling now use it every day because it's that good. And, this baby is hella easy to clean too. Don't miss out. Seriously.

What Reviewers Say:

  • This is a great coffee maker - especially for someone like me who wants to make only 1 mug at a time. I've tried all different kinds of coffee makers, but they don't seem to be optimized for making a single ~8 oz mug of coffee. I always ended up brewing multiple cups of coffee and throwing the extra away to get the one good cup I wanted.
  • Enjoy the coffee. If it's too strong, add more hot water for "Americana Style". No cleanup is really needed. No kidding. Just pure, concentrated awesome.
  • I love it! Makes a good cup of coffee, cleans up easily, and the filters are reusable... even if they say they're one time use. I usually get about a weeks worth (5-7 cups) of coffee out of it. The travel case is nice too.


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