Aeris Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow

Best Travel Pillow for Red Eye Flights

Why people love it
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Comes with convenient travel pouch
  • Great product

Either the adjustment toggles need to go in the back or you may find it’s a little too thick and stiff.


As you may have noticed, there are plenty of average travel neck pillows available these days. And, many have incorporated memory foam into the mix. But there is something that sets this one apart from the crowd – the ventilation holes in the foam. It may seem like a small thing until you manage to get sweaty on a long flight. It really does help to have these holes and we have to wonder why more people don’t try them.

That’s not the only benefit to this travel pillow. We also like the toggles that allow you to adjust the support. But, we need to add some caveats to that statement. The toggles don’t close the pillow completely – and if you were to use this pillow with the toggles in the front, that eliminates chin control. You can flip it around, of course, and we suggest that. If you don’t, your neck can become stiff from the bulge of the memory foam in the back.

But, for $25, you get a pillow that can be compressed into the accompanying bag – and they’ve tossed in earplugs and an eye mask so that you really can get a good night’s sleep. Well, at least, so you can get some sleep.

What’s it made of? The memory foam insert is first covered by a mesh layer and then the outer plush velour cover.

What support does it offer? Neck support only.

How do you wash it? The outer cover is machine washable and there’s a zip for removing the memory foam insert which can make cleaning easier.

How big is it? Uncompressed, the pillow measures 11.1 x 10.8 x 3.9”. The travel bag is there to compress the pillow to half the size.

How much does it weigh? 12 oz. That’s definitely on the heavy side for a travel pillow.

What colors are available? Black, blue, purple, brown

Will it break the bank? This pillow sells for about $25 which is perfectly average.

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