Aerie Sunnie Thong

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American Eagle Outfitters
Why people love it
  • Super affordable
  • Soft, comfortable fabric
  • Pretty selection of colors

American Eagle (the parent company of Aerie) is known for catering to a younger crowd, so this underwear might not be for everyone. And because it’s so cheap, there have been issues reported with the overall quality.


Fabric Quality: The biggest drawback to these thongs most definitely resides in the overall quality of the fabric. Reviewers have noted that the lace lining tears easily, the dye fades, and that the white fabric in the crotch stains easily.

Comfortability: Fans of Aerie are adamant that these are the most comfortable thong underwear you could wear, and we couldn’t agree more. With super soft fabric, no tags, and a seamless design, these thongs are the epitome of comfort.

Breathability: No issues have been reported with breathability. It’s important to note though that these are not made with cotton, so you may find them lacking if you put them to the test.

Support: If you’re looking for support, a lightweight thong is not going to be a good choice.

Price: If you can get these on sale in the store or if you can be patient and wait for an online sale, you can get a great deal when buying these in bulk.

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