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  • Simple, yet effective Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drug to reduce swelling
  • Cheap and available everywhere
  • Quick-acting, designed for joint pains.

The beauty of Advil is that it works! It's a simple medication that can be bought at nearly every store in the country, and it provides quick-acting pain relief.

What the Reviewers Say:

  • I can't believe what an excellent pain reliever this over the counter drug is. Also, I believe it is not as bad for your body as Tylenol ( which doesn't work for me).
  • Advil is a lifesaver for me. I have had an Ibuprofen prescription for 800mg Ibuprofen taken up to 4 times a day ( that's 3200mg ) and it does nothing for my pain, as 800mg Advil makes me feel very good even on the most painful days.
  • I was searching for good tablets for situations in such I have pain and I selected this ones.I really like them, the pain relief comes in no more than 20 minutes after you have used them and the quality is great for the price.I recommend this for any emergency situations.

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