Why people love it

• A powerlifting shoe that's compatible with most gym activities

• Midfoot strap enhances stability and grip on the shoes

• Solid sole, excellent for heavy lifts and lower body training

Lightweight, good support, comfortable, breathable, enhances ankle and foot stability, good fit, excellent durability, versatile, solid traction, and good heel cushioning.

Not good for long-distance running, and shoes run narrow.


Performance: If you're a CrossFitter who hits the lifting WODs hardest, this is the pair of shoes for you. It's not a running shoe, but it's compatible with your high intensity movements. You'll find the heel-to-toe ratio makes your Squats, Lunges, and Deadlifts more comfortable and will correct your posture. The thick heel is designed to take a pounding from your workout without showing wear. Thanks to the synthetic leather used for the upper, it's a durable pair of shoes to say the least.

Despite their heavy-duty look, these powerlifting shoes are surprisingly lightweight. The synthetic upper has a mesh lining that enhances breathability. The design increases the stability of your feet and ankles as you lift, plus offers support for your joints.

Features: You'll love the midfoot strap, which is designed to keep the shoes gripping your feet tightly. You won't have to worry about your feet slipping around in the shoes as you Squat or Lunge. The thick heel takes the strain off your back as you perform lower body movements and offers good cushioning for jump/plyo/HIIT/CrossFit training movements.

The minimalist sole lacks the grooves you'd find on outdoor shoes, but the honeycomb pattern in the outsole will give you good traction on the concrete floor of your gym or CrossFit box.

Price: Starting at $55 and rising as high as $190, these shoes are on the pricier side. However, if you're looking for a pair that will ONLY be used for CrossFit, they're a good option to consider thanks to their design, durability, and stability.

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