Adidas Men's Sport Performance Athletic Boxer Brief Underwear

Best Overall Running and Sports Underwear For Men

Why people love it
  • Ultra-soft fabric perfect for wicking away sweat
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Climalite technology great for hot and cold environments

Prone to stretching out,  durability issues


Fabric:  Lightweight and made with ultra-soft fabric, these are designed to keep you cool during your run or workout activities.The Climalite technology will keep you cool and dry while performing at your peak. The mesh-lined pouch is great for heavy sweaters, and will allow plenty of air flow over "the gentlemen".

These are made to be all-purpose underwear--great for both sports and wearing around the house. The mix of 91% polyester and 9% Spandex gives you comfort and support for any activity. The smooth seam stitching will reduce chafing and keep you super comfy during your workout. 

Fit: These boxer briefs are made with a soft, super-elastic material that is comfortable while you run, train, or cycle. They're tight enough to offer support and long enough to be versatile for all sports, but not so tight they ride up. 

Price: These underwear will run you around $25 for a 2-pack, making them pricey for regular boxers, but GREAT for athletic underwear. They may stretch out, so having two to use for your workouts is a definite plus.

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