Most Supportive Workout Underwear for Men

adidas Men's Sport Performance Climalite Trunk Underwear (2-Pack)
  • Mesh pouch holds everything in its rightful place
  • Supportive but not restrictive
  • Fabric keeps you cool and dry all day
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Looking for an underwear that offers comfort, support, and breathability to your workouts? This two-pack of boxer briefs promises to keep everything (meaning you and your underwear) in place.

There are two commonly noted issues with this underwear. Some users report that the sizing runs small. There are others who’ve had issues with the stitching blowing out after about 10 washes, so clean with care.


Comfort: The waistband won’t roll over. The legs won’t roll up. And the stretchy, breathable material will feel great on your skin whether you wear these strictly for workouts or all day.

Support: This underwear comes with a built-in mesh support pouch, so your junk will stay in place, while still sitting away from the rest of your body.

Breathability: The special Climalite fabric does what it promises: keep you cool and dry.

Price: This is a good deal for a two-pack, just take note of the durability issues noted by some customers (as the cost of replacements may drive up the value).


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