Why people love it
  • Ideal for athletes and active men
  • Moisture-wicking design keeps everything cool and comfortable
  • Stylish shape and sleek cut; stays in place no matter how much you move around

Lacking durability, and reviewers do not love the tight pouch.


Fabric: The 9% Spandex mixed in with the 91% polyester gives them a good amount of stretch so they'll adapt to your movements.

Support: The elastic band features the Adidas logo, and is soft enough to be comfortable without losing the gripping power that will keep the underwear firmly in place. The leg holes also have a small elastic band to keep them from riding up.  Some men have complained that the double-lined mesh pouch is a bit tight, but the rest of the underwear are a comfortable fit. The non-chafing stitching and tagless design makes them great for athletic use.

Comfort: For guys who move around a lot (at work, home, or the gym), these are the perfect mix of athletic and comfort underwear. Their sleek design means they go great with dress pants, jeans, or workout clothing, and you can run, jump, and play without worrying about them riding up. They're a stylish, versatile pair of underwear that will keep up with an active lifestyle!

Price: At $16 for a 2-pack, these are a great pair of underwear. Their only significant flaw is that they tend to wear out more quickly than other brands, especially in an electric dryer. Aside from that, they're just what you need for an active lifestyle.

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