Why people love it

• Great for heavier men with wide feet; offer good support and fit

• Durable and lightweight

• Perfect for beach and river use

Lightweight, durable, outsole offers excellent grip, includes loop to attach to backpack or harness, designed for maximum water drainage, and well-priced.

Run small, and the rubber sole prevents sand from draining.


Quality: These water shoes are designed to give you excellent traction on the beach, at the poolside, and while hiking down streams and rivers. The rubber outsole ensures solid grip on the ground and provides support and stability at the same time. Just make sure to get them a size bigger: they tend to be a bit small and tight, especially for those with long feet.

The shoes are lightweight, but they'll last a long time. Men with wide feet will find the toe box offers plenty of room. The design is simple and sleek but highly effective for use on any terrain. These shoes are also beautifully easy to slip on thanks to the elastic heel insert.

Features: The A.D.S (Adidas Drainage System) ensures that any water will drain out of your shoes easily, though it's not as efficient for draining sand. The synthetic upper is breathable and comfortable while the rubber sole can take a lot of damage. The shoes offer decent support while you walk, hike, or even run. The minimalist style makes them perfect for outdoor and indoor use.

For those who plan to hike, you'll love the loop built into the heel, which allows you to clip the shoes to your backpack or harness. The high traction rubber used for the outsole will provide solid grip and firm footing on any surface.

Price: At $45, these are a pretty well-priced pair of shoes. They're lightweight enough that you can take them with you wherever you go, but they can handle a lot of outdoor use without breaking down.

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